Johnson Co. police seek credit card cloners

FRANKLIN, Ind. - Clones are traveling around Johnson County, and Franklin Police are asking for the public's help in stopping their spread.

The clones in question are of credit cards, and the high-tech thefts have occurred a number of times in and around Johnson County recently.

In Franklin, police say a young man and woman walked into the Wal-Mart and made $1,200 worth of purchases. Their victim, who lives in Sellersburg, was the last to know.

"The card was used twice in Franklin … then in Greenwood it was denied," said Detective Adam Joseph, of the Franklin Police Department.

According to Joseph, the victim's credit card was cloned by the thieves using technology that's become easier and less-expensive to obtain. Criminals can simply scan the magnetic stripe on a credit card to obtain numbers and any and all information available on the card.

The technology even exists to read magnetic stripes on credit cards through wallets and purses.

Franklin police aim to locate the couple, depicted above in Wal-Mart security camera footage. 

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