Greenwood police seek help in Walmart theft

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- Greenwood Police need your help catching up to two women who allegedly stole quite a few printers from a big box store.

On November 8th at 3 a.m., two women were seen entering the Walmart at 1333 N. Emerson Avenue. The police report states they left with 17 portable printers. 

According to the witness account, the women were joined in the store by four children all under the age of four years old. The stolen items were then hidden inside the baby stroller. They left in a silver Chevrolet Impala.

The printers are valued at $129.99 each. If you include another 17 stolen ‘spider wraps’, the total dollar amount allegedly stolen from the store is $2,290.58.

Call Greenwood Police at 317-865-0300 if you know anything about this case.

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