City of Greenwood revitalization project ramps back up for construction season

Posted: 1:10 PM, Mar 28, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-28 22:32:08Z
Greenwood prepares for new phase of project
Greenwood prepares for new phase of project
Greenwood prepares for new phase of project

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- The next phase of a major revitalization project in the City of Greenwood kicks off on Monday.

“We've known for years that they are going to expand that area and bring in housing, and shopping and that kind of stuff so we're really excited,” said Monsignor Mark Svarczkopf, Pastor at Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church.

The project consists of the Surina Road Connector and a parking lot just south of Surina Way. The lot will add over 160 parking spaces, made possible through a public-private partnership between Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church and the city.

“We’ve had the opportunity to have capitol campaigns at our parish so we could chip into the project by providing land that we will share with the city in doing parking. Because, as you come to downtown Greenwood, you need streets and you need parking,” said Monsignor Svarczkopf.

Plans for this $3.7 million project include new sidewalks, decorative lighting, and an innovative sewage system.

“There will be bike trails, pedestrian trails from a lifestyle standpoint it's an absolutely fantastic project,” said Rob Taggart, Director of Parks & Recreation, City of Greenwood.

Along with construction comes the closure of Meridian Street, which will change access to Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church and School.

To reach the school, church and other businesses, you can use Meridian Street, south of the construction.

To access the Greenwood Community Center, you can get off Main Street and take Washington Street.

The road closures might cause some short term inconveniences, but they will be worth it in the long run. 

“Greenwood is a wonderful place to live. And we want everyone to know that it’s a safe place and a place that’s convenient for them to get to and to park, and then to enjoy all that the city has to offer,” said Monsignor Svarczkopf.

Construction on the Surina Road Connector and new parking lot will continue through approximately May 26.

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