Man pleads guilty following shootout with neighbor in Johnson County

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. -- A man accused of getting into a shootout with his neighbor in Johnson County pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of felony criminal recklessness.

The court accepted Jeffrey Weigle's plea and bumped the charge down to misdemeanor criminal recklessness. 

Police say at least 15 gunshots were fired between Weigle, 59, and Dean Keller, 49, last June in an argument over property lines.

Weigle was shot four times in the chest. Keller was not wounded. 

Weigle was arrested because of threats he made against Keller. The Johnson County Prosecutor did not charge Keller because he said Keller fired at Weigle in self-defense. 

Video of the incident was used as evidence in determining that Keller would not be charged

WARNING: Video below contains graphic content



Weigle received a one-year sentence but will not serve any additional time beyond what he has already served. 

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