Kayaker rescued from White River in Hamilton Co.

Second rescue in same area over weekend

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - Rescue crews were again called to to the White River over the weekend after a kayaker became distressed  near Noblesville on Sunday.

Noblesville firefighters were called to Potter Bridge after a kayak overturned, throwing the woman inside underwater.

The area was the same in which a mother and two young children were rescued by a Cicero man just a day before after falling into the river.

The kayaker, Sheridan resident Sherry Fleener, told firefighters that she was separated from her kayak. She was not wearing a life jacket at the time.

Rescue crews attempted to throw floating ropes and other flotation devices to Fleener, but she was too far away from shore.

When Fleener told firefighters she was getting too tired to continue holding onto the tree keeping her in place, Noblesville Fire Department Lt. Jim Trietsch jumped into the river and swam to her.

Trietsch was able to get himself and Fleener safely to another kayak that had stopped to help. Trietsch and Fleener were able to hang on and make it to shore with the assistance of the assisting kayaker, Lydia C. Clark, of Fishers.

Firefighters said Fleener was not injured.


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