Lafayette police say "possible abduction" was misunderstanding

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Lafayette police say reports of a woman being forced into a vehicle Thursday evening were just a misunderstanding. 

Police said a witness reported a suspicious incident involving a woman being forced into a vehicle around 8 p.m. near Melbourne Road and Dearborn Street.

On Friday, Lafayette Police Department issued a statement saying a man and his wife came forward after hearing the news and said they were the two people involved. The couple, who are not from the area, told police that the woman was experiencing a medical condition and walked away forcing the husband to find her and put her into the car. 

Police found no signs of domestic abuse or injury on the woman and the couple apologized for the misunderstanding. 

"The police thank the public and the media for the swift attention to this incident," said the release sent out Friday. "The Lafayette Police also thank the couple for calling to clarify the situation."

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