Late property tax payments hampering county services

INDIANAPOLIS - Thousands of Marion County property owners aren't paying their property taxes on time, and that means less money for critical government services.

City-county officials say the government relies on steady tax payments to provide services like emergency responders and schools.

The Marion County Treasurer's Office says nearly 3,600 property owners owe a total of $15.8 million in back taxes.

According to the City Controller's Office, schools get much of the property tax payouts, followed by city-county government at 37 percent. Township government gets five percent, and 35 other taxing districts share the rest of the tax revenues.

The lack of timely payments has had a significant impact at every level of government. Between 2009 and 2013, Marion County taxpayers have not paid $56.1 million in taxes.

Property owners who fail to pay their taxes over 18 months will have their properties go up for auction in the sheriff's tax sale.  

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