Lawn experts say aeration, irrigation and over-seeding keys to healthy post-drought lawn

Experts: Not all grass seeds work for dry lawns


Recent rains have had an obvious impact on the color and quality of Hoosiers' lawns, but experts say homeowners may need to do more.

For a lot of Hoosiers, the health of their lawns falls somewhere between patchy and completely gone.

"What you see as brown is gone. It won't come back," said Rodney Neal, owner of Indianapolis-based Keep Off the Grass Lawn Services.

This week's U.S drought monitor report is encouraging to landscaping companies like Neals, but right now they are busy trying to help homeowners save what's left.

Experts said there are three things homeowners can do to combat the drought right now -- aeration, over-seeding and think about installing an irrigation system.

"We over-seed with what we call a turf type fescue," Neal said. "It's a very tough grass, especially for the elements we face here in Indiana."

If paying for aerating is not an option, experts said lawns can be spot-treated by raking up the dead grass, sprinkling the seed across the area and then covering it with straw to protect it from the sun.

If all goes well, there will be grass in seven to 10 days.

Many landscaping companies provide an aerating service, but experts said homeowners can also rent a machine and do it themselves.

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