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Life in prison for killer of Boone County Deputy

Posted at 10:23 AM, May 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-29 19:06:21-04

LEBANON—The man charged in the murder of Boone County Sheriff's Deputy Jacob Pickett is going to prison for life.

Anthony Baumgardt was sentenced Wednesday in Boone County Superior Court.

Had he gone on trial and been convicted, Baumgardt could have received the death penalty.

Instead, he agreed to plead guilty to the murder, along with charges of resisting arrest and possession of methamphetamine.

At the sentencing hearing, Pickett's widow said her husband's murder was a "cowardly and impulsive action."

"You stole a future, a father of two boys, robbed a lifetime of happiness," said Jennifer Pickett.

Pickett said her two boys had "their sense of safety shattered."

Victim Statement Jennifer Pickett (Text)

Boone Superior Court Judge Bruce Petit called the deputy's death "senseless."

"You were dealt a band hand, but you dealt a worse hand," said the judge.

Baumgardt, 22, shot Pickett in March of 2018, after fleeing law enforcement officers in Lebanon.

He was a passenger in a car with two other men that was being chased by police when he got out of the vehicle and ran.

He then shot the 34-year-old deputy before being shot by a Lebanon police officer.

Shortly afterwards, Baumgardt said he had "no remorse" for Pickett's death.

Wednesday, as he arrived and left the Boone County Courthouse in Lebanon, and during the sentencing hearing, Baumgardt said nothing.

Victim Statement 2 (Text)