Loaded gun found in Muncie school locker

INDIANAPOLIS - School officials in Muncie found a loaded gun inside a high school student's locker Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for Muncie Community Schools said the principal at Central High School was searching the student's locker because the student arrived late, smelling like marijuana.

The loaded gun was inside the student's backpack in the locker. Police said the gun had bullets in the magazine, but there was not a bullet in the chamber.

The student, a 14-year-old male, was arrested. Officials said student safety was not in jeopardy and the investigation was "routine."

Administrators said preventing violence is a group effort.

"We need the parents' help, we need parents to spend more time with their youngsters and ask what's going on in school, and if you take a backpack out of the house, than you as a parent should know what's in that backpack," Muncie Community Schools Superintendent Tim Heller said.

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