Local fire crews train in latest techniques

INDIANAPOLIS - Arson investigators and firefighters turned an apartment building into a training lab Wednesday.

The Wayne Township Fire Department and the ATF hosted a training and research event to keep area personnel up-to-date on the latest techniques and information when it comes to fighting fires.

"Ventilation is a tactic that we are looking at. And it’s changed. Our fuels have changed and they respond quicker to ventilation. Twenty to 30 years ago, you could ventilate a structure and you had a number of minutes to get water on it. Today our fuel is primarily plastic and you have to get water on it fast," fire protection engineer Adam St. John said.

Once the science was gathered, it was time to add the water. It seemed routine, but that's by design.   

"When we show up on a fire and our adrenalin is pumping, and with the excitement of the scene, a lot of times we fall back on our training. We don't realize it initially. We remember those things that we’re seeing today and that makes us successful," WTFD Capt. Michael Pruitt said.

A group of 50 investigators will sift through the scene Thursday to try to determine the cause of the fire as training continues.

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