Local group joins fight to 'Bring Back Our Girls'

Roughly 300 schoolgirls still missing in Nigeria

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Millions of people around the world are showing support for the roughly 300 schoolgirls that were kidnapped in Nigeria.

While some Hoosiers may think the story is far away and there isn’t much to do to help, one local group is hoping the smallest acts will make a big difference.

In a Bloomington church, Lloyd Orr joined dozens of others for one reason.

"It's basic human rights," Orr said.

It's been a month since an Islamic militant group, known as Boko Haram, kidnapped roughly 300 girls from their school in Nigeria.

This week, government officials rejected an offer to trade the girls for several detained militants.

Meanwhile a movement is afoot at home and abroad and the message is clear from Nigeria to Washington D.C. -- an impassioned cry to the kidnappers on behalf of those girls and their families.

Wednesday night in Bloomington, educators, activists and concerned citizens like Orr joined the fight.

"I came not knowing what it would be like, but knowing that any support that is given is going to be important," Orr said.

"It's very important and people understand the importance and so the message is getting out there. We just want to intensify that message," Indiana University Emeritus Professor Audrey McCluskey said.

The U.S. military is using drones and manned surveillance aircraft in the area to search for the girls.

Officials have not yet considered sending troops to Nigeria.

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