Local organization empowers dads to take active role

INDIANAPOLIS - As the City of Indianapolis works to lower crime rates and stop violence, one organization is trying to target young men and prevent crime before it happens.

The Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition held a forum for fathers called Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration on the city's east side Tuesday.

Group leaders said they wanted to empower fathers in the community to take a more active role in their families and to keep hope that bad circumstances can change.

IHMFC also hosted a special event for dads-to-be in Castleton on Tuesday called Baby Boot Camp for New Dads and Grand Dads Too.

The goal of Baby Boot Camp was to empower young men to be responsible and proactive in their child’s life. A father's presence at a young age plays a role in developing many social skills.

IHMFC Executive Director John Girton and presenter Bobby Maul also stressed to fathers the long-lasting impact a healthy relationship between a father and a mother can have on a child’s development.

Girton wants the young fathers and fathers-to-be to understand the development of a child does not happen by accident and the process starts immediately.

"If you want your child to develop into a responsible adult, you have to plant those seeds when they’re young," Girton said.

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