Man arrested in connection to Shelbyville cold case involving missing woman

Scott Schuck faces voluntary manslaughter charges

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. - Shelbyville police arrested a suspect Wednesday in a cold case involving a woman who went missing in 2010.

Tuesday afternoon, detectives were called to a home in the 1200 block of Elm Street on reports of an investigation. Police spent more than 12 hours probing and digging into the ground behind the home after receiving a tip. Wednesday afternoon, police confirmed that they found what appeared to be human remains on the property. 

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Scott Schuck, the homeowner, was arrested Wednesday on a preliminary charge of voluntary manslaughter.

When Schuck, 46, was interviewed Tuesday, he said this wasn’t the first time that police have searched in and around his home. He said it was the third time in about four years.

Schuck also identified himself as the former boyfriend of Rebecca Cassidy. Cassidy was last seen in the area before she went missing in 2010.

"The last I (saw) her, she left the gate of my house. We had a little bit of a confrontation over my moped. That was the last I've seen of her. It hasn't been easy for me," Schuck said.

Schuck said police were probing his back yard, digging and taking buckets full of dirt. Police even brought in a tow truck to remove a shed from the back yard.

"They had some tip that ... she may be in an adjacent property, so they've been searching there, doing whatever they do. So, I'm OK with it. I want them to do whatever they have to do, take their time to do what they need to do," Schuck said.

Officials said police suspected foul play in Cassidy’s disappearance because she never tried to contact her loved ones.

Schuck was scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Schuck criminal, civil background

The Call 6 Investigators were digging deeper to see what they could found out about Scott Schuck.

Schuck’s most recent criminal case was in 2007 when he pleaded guilty to public intoxication.

Ten years ago, his driving privileges were suspended for life after he pleaded guilty to two felonies associated with drunk driving and being a habitual traffic offender.

Schuck served less than two years for those felonies.

Schuck was arrested on battery charges in 2000. The details on the case were not clear because the file was destroyed.

Schuck was never prosecuted in that case because he reached some sort of agreement with prosecutors.

On the civil side, Schuck sued Rebecca Cassidy in small claims court in 2006, but it appeared the case was dismissed. That file was destroyed as well.

Schuck was also sued by the Indiana Unemployment Insurance Board in 2003 and ordered to pay $595.

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