Man drives 'Trump Unity Bridge' though Indy

Posted: 12:34 PM, Mar 20, 2017
Updated: 2017-03-20 22:44:14Z
Man drives 'Trump Unity Bridge' though Indy
Man drives 'Trump Unity Bridge' though Indy

INDIANAPOLIS -- If you drove around Indianapolis' west side Monday morning, you may have seen a 40-foot "Trump Unity Bridge" rolling through the city.

With patriotic music turned up loud enough for all nearby to hear, Rob Cortis has been towing the bridge across the country to unite Americans. 

He was parked outside the Carrier plant, getting some honks from people driving nearby.

"Trying to get their feelings, try to get them to join in the middle," Cortis said. "It's been working, because the people that love Trump, love the bridge, love the unity. And people that don't like Trump look at it an they either get mad or angry or they smile and are happy because we play cheerful music, patriotic music, and we try to make America great again."

He is driving the bridge to Louisville for a parade.