Man who drugged, raped wife now behind bars

David Wise violated home detention terms

INDIANAPOLIS - A man who was placed on home detention after being convicted of drugging and raping his then-wife will now be spending time behind bars.

David Wise, 52, was convicted of one count of rape and five counts of criminal deviate conduct, and he was initially sentenced to eight years of home detention.

But Wise was back in custody after he let his GPS tracking device power down and failed to maintain contact with authorities for nearly six hours, which violated the rules of his home detention.

With the violation, Wise's new sentence includes five years in the Department of Correction followed by three years of home detention and two years of probation.

Wise will also have to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Mandy Boardman, Wise's ex-wife and the victim of his crimes, spoke with RTV6 reporter Tanya Spencer in May about her disappointment that Wise was initially not going to be in jail.

Boardman said she was drugged by Wise hundreds of times over a three-year period while they were married. She said she was raped while Wise videotaped it and she thinks he belongs in prison.

"Never in a million years did I think that my rapist would be walking out the door that I'm walking out of. He should have been walking out one in orange while I went home and I watched TV and I lived my life. He gets to go home and do the same thing," Boardman said. "I hope he takes time to reflect and realize he is not above the law.  Never has been, never will be. What he did was wrong. He needs to know that and I think he can finally figure that out."

Upon hearing about her ex-husband's modified sentence, Boardman expressed relief for herself and her children.

"Now that I know that he will be in prison for the next five years, I think I can finally get some peace," she said. "I think my children can finally get some peace knowing that we won't have to be looking over our shoulder, and that the person who has caused us all so much heartache and emotional damage is gone, for now."

Wise and Boardman were married for 12 years. She said she does not remember any of the sexual encounters she has seen in videos.

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