Marian University offers accelerated nursing program

INDIANAPOLIS - As more U.S. workers are switching careers and going back to school, one local university is offering an accelerated-degree program able to be completed in just 16 months.

Nurse Deb Hajek just graduated from nursing school and she said her son influenced her to change careers.

"My son sees a full page ad in the Sunday paper for this Marian (University) accelerated St. Vincent program and he leaves it on the kitchen counter and says, 'This is what you're supposed to do, Mom,'" she said.

Hajek, a practicing family law attorney, volunteered weekly for years at Riley Hospital for Children. It was there that her passion for nursing was born.

"I just spent time taking care of these kids and I thought, this is what I'm supposed to do," Hajek said.

According to, 1 in 5 workers will change jobs this year. Instead of going back to college for four years, Hajek earned a nursing degree in less than 16 months.

Marian University Spokeswoman Kris Shallenberger said that older students are purposely driven to the program.

"They've got some life maturity and life skills. A lot have families and something doesn't feel right. They feel like they need to give back or want to make a difference,"Shallenberger said.

Since finishing the program, Hajek said she's now looking for a job as a forensic nurse.

For more information on Marian University's nursing program, click here

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