Marion County residents warned of jury-duty scam

INDIANAPOLIS - Marion County residents were warned of a jury-duty scam Tuesday after someone pretending to be an officer threatened victims with jail time while tricking them to pay a fine.

Posing as a sheriff's deputy, the scam artist called the victims and told them that they missed jury duty, and that they must pay a fine or be arrested. The victims were then told to buy a prepaid debit card. Once the card was loaded with cash, the scammers called the victim again to get the card number, allowing them to withdraw the cash without a trace.

Marion County Sheriff John Layton said one victim was scammed out of $700.

“This scheme in the guise of protecting the sacred right of a jury trial is shameful,” Layton said. “The Marion County Sheriff’s Office will never contact citizens seeking telephone fines for failed jury service.”

If someone calls you about jury duty pretending to be a sheriff's deputy, contact the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office Grand Jury Division at 317-327-5600.

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