Lawrence mother tired of speeders on her street, says drivers go up to 60 mph in the 25 mph zone

LAWRENCE, Ind. -- A Lawrence mother is pleading for drivers to hit the brakes and drive slower down the street where her children are playing.

The speed limit is 25 mph near Erica Deem’s home in the Brookhaven Subdivision, but she says drivers get behind the wheel and go as fast as 60 mph down her street.

Deem says she and other members of her family have tried asking drivers to slow down, but have had no luck.

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"It scares me to death, because one, I would probably be in prison if someone hit one of my children, as a mom. And my kids are out here 24/7,” Deem said. “We’re tired of it. We spent $2,200 to put a fence around our property to keep our kids away from the road, but it doesn’t keep them out.”

The mother of six is asking Lawrence police for help. She wants more patrols in her neighborhood to monitor speeds on nearby Katherine Drive and other streets near her home and help keep drivers in check.

“Something to let them know they’re not going to be put up with. You need to slow down in the neighborhood,” Deem said.

Deputy Chief of the Lawrence Police Department, Gary Woodruff, says he is aware of Deem’s concerns and is making plans to assign additional patrols for her neighborhood.

“We've paid some extra attention in that area, but clearly there's more to be done. We're committed to doing that," Woodruff said.

Woodruff said the force will designate more officers to monitor speeds and activity in that area and any area where they receive complaints from neighbors.

"We understand -- completely understand -- the neighbors' issues over there and concerns. We share those concerns," Woodruff said. “I don’t want to see a little kid hurt or, god forbid, lose their life.”

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