Mayor Ballard vetoes Homeless Bill of Rights

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard vetoed a proposed Bill of Rights for Indianapolis’ homeless population Friday afternoon.

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The City-County Council approved Proposal 291 on March 2. The bill would have prevented police from moving homeless people from camps without having another place to go.

Ballard released the following statement:

"The people of this city and this administration truly care about our homeless population. That’s why we worked with community partners years ago to a create plans for a homeless engagement center – a solution that some Councillors ultimately blocked. We also spent a year creating H.O.M.E., a complete solution for our veterans who are at-risk for homelessness. Proposal 291 accomplishes nothing in the way of caring for our homeless population, yet it does create very serious liability issues, including placing both Department of Public Safety and Department of Public Works employees in untenable positions. Despite the proposal’s unofficial title as a 'bill of rights,' the rights enumerated already exist for all citizens. This is an ill-conceived proposal, and I cannot in good conscience sign this into law."

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