'Miracle' twins born 24 days apart

They might be twins, but Alexandre and Ronaldo Antunes will be celebrating their birthdays nearly a month apart after premature labor sent one of them into the world early.

The twins' mother, Lindalva Pinheiro da Silva, went into premature labor at only 24 weeks into her pregnancy, according to ABC News.

Doctors tried stopping the labor, but Alexandre was born four days later – almost 16 weeks premature. They were able, however, to prevent Ronaldo from being born for another 24 days.

Infants born at 24 weeks have a nearly 50 percent fatality rate, doctors said. Those who do survive face a high likelihood of medical and developmental complications.

Nevertheless, both Alexandre and Ronaldo are now healthy and at home after spending several months in the hospital.

“They’re my miracle babies,” da Silva said. “Ronaldo because he stayed inside and Alexandre because he’s a survivor.”

And the icing on the cake? Just before leaving the hospital, da Silva's boyfriend popped the question with matching outfits for the twins reading "Mom will you … marry dad?" 

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