Mom talks gun safety after daughter, 6, shoots self

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis mother spoke out about gun safety on Friday after her 6-year-old daughter shot herself last month with a handgun.

Ebony Parker has been in and out of Riley Hospital for Children for weeks with her daughter Aviana. In the process, she's racked up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills that she has no way to pay for.

Doctors at Riley have been working to fix the 6-year-old's arm, which was injured when she shot herself last month after finding a loaded handgun in a relative's apartment.

"She started playing with it. She thought it was a toy, ended up dropping it and then it went off," Parker said.

Parker was at work when the shooting happened. She rushed to the hospital, where she's spent a lot of time since, and where the bills have continued stacking up.

"The last bill I received was from Riley for almost $10,000 and some change," Parker said. "And ambulance bill that was almost $5,000. I'm just having bills pile up and pile up."

Parker does not have insurance through her work and says she is fighting a losing battle with Medicaid.

"I just got another denial letter on Friday," she said.

But Parker is remaining positive and proactive by organizing an event this weekend at West Montgomery Park.

"I'm going to do a benefit fundraiser there this Sunday from 2-6 p.m.," Parker said.

She hopes to raise money and awareness about gun safety.

"A lot of people know about gun safety, but a lot of people don't think about certain things … like as far as my daughter, I would have never thought that she would pick up a real gun and play with it," Parker said.

Parker says the benefit will host guests from various public safety agencies to educate those in attendance about properly handling and storing guns when kids are around.

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