Mom: 'Twins x 2' 4 times the love, work

INDIANAPOLIS - Misty and Brian Baker, a couple formerly of Kokomo who now live in Seattle, have two sets of 3-month-old twins, thanks to unrelenting faith and a true friendship with Brian and Amber Pluckebaum in Indiana.

The emotional moment was 10 years in the making, as the Bakers battled infertility for a decade.

Then Misty's best friend, Amber, offered to be a gestational surrogate, and shortly after she was implanted with Misty and Brian's embryos, she became pregnant with their twins.

At the same time, Misty gave in vitro fertilization one more try and she also became pregnant with twins.

The two sets of twins, born 2,000 miles and 35 hours apart, were finally united in June.

"I’m just so happy that we finally get to say we're parents. You know, mommy and daddy,” Brian Baker said.

Three months later, Misty calls herself a “mom on the move,” balancing four 3-month-olds, RTV6 Ericka Flye reported.

She keeps a chart to keep up with Connor, Hope, Madison and Victoria.

“This (chart) tracks how much they ate and when,” she said. “I felt like we were as prepared as we could be, but until you have four babies at home, you just have no idea.”

Misty said the babies go through a tremendous amount of diapers.

“At the beginning, we actually (went through) about 15 diapers per day. Now it’s about 60 a day,” she said.

Although the Bakers live in Seattle, they recently made a trip back to Kokomo to visit the Pluckebaums.

“That's one of my favorite things. I love watching Brian and Misty interact with the babies,” Amber said. “They had a calling and an urge to be parents, just like I had the call on my heart to help them with this."

Misty said adjusting to motherhood is a step-by-step process.

“I think the biggest surprise is when the babies come, they're in charge," she said. "What you think it’s going to be like and how you have it in your mind isn't necessarily going to be what it is."

The Bakers said the two sets of twins are healthy and developing well, which delights Pluckebaum.

“When I see them just doing so well, it was worth it. Being on bed rest since February, the rough delivery, it was worth it, because they're well and they're thriving,” Amber said.

Misty said the babies already have their own personalities.

“Connor is normally pretty chill. Hope likes extra attention. Madison has such an angry cry. Victoria is very curious. She wants to be where it’s happening,” Misty said.

Despite their different personalities, Misty said she sometimes has trouble telling them apart.

“Sometimes you do have to make sure you look at them straight on to see which one is which. They have a tendency to sound a lot like each other. You're like, ‘That sounded like Connor. Oh wait, that was Madison,’” she said.

The Bakers’ multiple babies are all consuming the greatest way imaginable.

“They're such a wonderful blessing and absolutely worth the wait,” Misty said.

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