Moms Demand Action delivers 5k postcards to Sen. Coats

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Moms Demand Gun Action paid a visit to the downtown offices of Sen. Dan Coats on Thursday to promote universal background checks for gun owners.

The group delivered more than 5,000 postcards to Coats' office. On the postcards, the words: "Not one more."

Those words have become a rallying cry in the wake of the shooting near the University of California Santa Barbara, where Christopher Michaels-Martinez and four other students were killed.

After the shooting, Martinez's father called for stricter gun laws, saying not one more person should have to die because of what he called "this ridiculous situation."

"The tide is rising for people to stand up and say, 'Not one more victim of gun violence,'" said Stephanie Grabow, spokeswoman for Indiana Moms Demand Action. "Richard Martin inspired us, he helped us to find our voice, and we are going to follow him as we take on this issue and get legislation passed that helps to keep our families safe."

The Moms group insists it is not asking for anything radical.

"Ninety percent of the American people favor more-comprehensive background checks, and 74 percent of the NRA do," said Melanie Sokhey, the group's chapter leader. "So we're not out there on this issue. We're right there with the vast, vast majority of the American people."

Coats' staff listened intently, but the Senator was in Washington. A spokesman for his office told RTV6 that Coats has heard from thousands of Hoosiers on both sides of the issue.

Coats' spokesman said the Senator believes that we should improve the current background check system to make it work more efficiently, and focus on measures that address gun violence while still protecting the rights guaranteed to Americans by the Constitution.

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