Racist graffiti found in three Bloomington locations Friday morning

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Racist graffiti was found in three different locations by City of Bloomington workers early Friday morning.

A spokesperson for the city says the graffiti, including KKK and swastikas, was found at the E. 10th St. overpass, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, 2120 N. Fee Lane, and the intersection of College Mall and Sare Rd.

The graffiti was all painted over by 10 a.m. by public works employees.

“Bloomington remains steadfast in its commitment to inclusivity. We are resolved to be a community that values each of its residents. It doesn’t matter where they were born, how long they have lived here, what god they choose to worship - or not worship - or the color of their skin, they belong here. Everyone is welcome, period.” commented Mayor John Hamilton.


If you live in Bloomington and see racist graffiti, report it immediately to the City of Bloomington at 812-339-1444. 


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