More cameras, fewer cars in Broad Ripple tonight

City plans to shut down traffic from 12-4 a.m.

INDIANAPOLIS - If you plan to head to Broad Ripple this weekend, you may notice some changes.

The city plans to close Broad Ripple Avenue to vehicle traffic from midnight through 4 a.m. to combat crime in the area.

City officials say they don't want Broad Ripple turning into a street party every weekend – and they especially don't want things turning violent like they did last weekend, when gunshots rang out, injuring seven people.

"This is a shame that anything this beautiful down this street would go and have trouble like this going on," said Cindy Nicholas, a Broad Ripple shopper.

This week, police responded to the violence by placing two mobile surveillance units in the area.

"People have a lot of bad feelings about there being cameras everywhere, and you know them being on camera doing everything," said Addison Ray.

Officials with the Broad Ripple Village Association like the efforts as first steps toward a safer neighborhood.

"It's a positive step," said Justin McKeand, with the Broad Ripple Village Association. "It shows that they acknowledge what happened and they are reacting to that. What we'd like to see if more of a constant proactivity to prevent these sort of crimes from happening, so then you don't have to be reactive."

The street closure is planned to continue all summer long. Police said the cameras are also temporary, but they have not set a firm date to take them down.

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