More than 900 animals homed at Indy Mega Adoption Event

INDIANAPOLIS - More than 900 cats and dogs were sleeping at their new owners' homes Sunday night after the state's biggest animal adoption event.

Volunteers call the Indy Mega Adoption Event the "Black Friday of pet adoption."

Crowds rushed through the doors as soon as they opened at 11 a.m. Saturday. Some had been in line since before 6 a.m.

Many of them, like new kitten owner Rodney James, said they made quick connections.

"He fell in love with me before I did," James said.

The first Indy Mega Adoption Event back in June was a huge success, organizers said. This weekend's event was even bigger.

"Last time we had 700 animals and we adopted out almost all of them, and we had 12 rescue groups," said Megan Bennett. "This time we have 24 rescue groups and 1,300 animals."

All dogs and cats at the event were already spayed or neutered and microchipped, and  cost just $30 each.

"Oh, I think it's wonderful," said Maya Scott. "The line outside! I'm just happy because I hope everyone adopts someone. Because then all these animals can go home. So it's great."

Organizers said 267 cats and 346 dogs were adopted Saturday. The final tally on Sunday was 946 animals adopted.

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