Morgan. Co. looking for possible serial arsonist

MOORESVILLE, Ind. - Morgan County officials have assembled an arson taskforce to investigate a series of at least four intentional fires in the past 72 hours.

Mooresville authorities say an arsonist is likely behind a fire that damaged a shed early Saturday, and they say he or she won't stop until they're caught.

Robert Archer said he's the one who called the fire in on Saturday.

"I could hear it crackling," Archer said. "I didn't see no flames so I called 911, told them they had a shed fire down there, and when I was on the phone with dispatch it started coming through the corner of the shed."

Firefighters in Morgan County have fought four suspicious fires in the last 72 hours, all of which have started between midnight and 1 a.m.

Neighbors say it's no coincidence that each fire has been on Indianapolis Road, where properties back up to the woods.

"It just seems too precise … they're there and they're gone so fast," Archer said. "And it's obvious, because the cops can't catch them."

Authorities say they've increased patrols, and they're asking for help from the public.

"We're just going to sit outside during these hours and see if we can help the community get a hold of these people … 'cause like my father said, this is getting out of hand," said Kelsey Archer, who has helped organize a neighborhood watch.

Anyone with information about the fires is asked to call the Mooresville Fire Department or the Morgan County Sheriff's Department.

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