Morgan County Jail correction crew restoring a county fixture

MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. -- The Morgan County Jail correction crew is hard at work, helping restore an old Morgan County fixture known as the Delaney House.

The correction crew began work on the house Tuesday as part of Morgan County’s Old Town Waverly Park Restoration Project.

The Delaney House is being gutted and restored in order to make it into park offices and a conference center, complete with a kitchenette.

The correction crew’s jobs include woodwork, cabinet installation, hardwood flood installation, and more.

This is all part of the Morgan County Jail Correction Crew Work Release Program which allows inmates to reduce their time served by giving back to the community.

“It saves the taxpayers a lot of money in Morgan County. Obviously, it’s expensive to house offenders, but we have non-violent offenders that sit in there, so these guys come out and repay the community doing all kinds of community service,” said Volitta Fritsche, Morgan County Work Release Administrator.

The hope is for the park offices and conference center to be up and running this spring.

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