Motel 6 draining public safety resources in Beech Grove, police say

BEECH GROVE, Ind. - Changes are in store for one national motel chain in Beech Grove after a recently-passed city ordinance that aims to license and regulate it.

According to law enforcement officers and city leaders, Motel 6 has worn out its welcome in Beech Grove. The motel has become a drain on the city's resources and on the patience of its Mayor, Dennis Buckley.

"We have three motels, and one of them is Motel 6 where we've had 189 police runs in the first six months of this year. I would suggest that most of these runs center around prostitution and people wanted for warrants and drug abuse," Buckley said.

According to the Mayor Buckley's office, the city's drug problem and drug arrests have increased 15-percent this year alone.

Within the past week, Beech Grove police began investigating an allegation of rape that occurred inside the motel. Investigators said that many of their runs are linked to narcotics, which brings prostitution, thefts and stolen cars.

Beech Grove Police Capt. Robert Mercuri said that time spent investigating crimes at Motel 6, means less time invested in other neighborhoods and other activities.

"There's no doubt about it. This is a drain. If you're looking for trouble there, it should be patrolled and that means less  patrols somewhere else, " Mercuri said.

For now, Beech Grove has plans to haul Motel 6 into court the first of the year when the new licensing ordinance takes effect.

"We don't need it here. This is not the city we are. And think about this: someone passing through Beech Grove for the night and decides to rent a room, they're introduced to prostitution and drugs. So there's no sense in that," Buckley said.

The parent company of Motel Six is based in Dallas, Texas. The parent company is investigating the city's claims and preparing a response.

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