Mother speaks after son killed in burglary

INDIANAPOLIS - The mother of a young man who was shot and killed by a homeowner during a burglary spoke out publicly for the first time since his death.

Brandon Ford’s mother said his only prior brush with the law was a curfew violation. He would have been a senior at Decatur Central High School.

Ford, 17, was Trienna Evans' fourth child of seven children. She buried her son Monday with the help from the trustee, her neighbors and family.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat anything and say he's a good kid and he didn't do anything wrong. He did something wrong by going into that man's house," Evans said.

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The house in the 3100 block of College Avenue belonged to Iraq War veteran Joshua Black.

On July 27, Black returned home from a weekend camping trip and found his dog shot to death and three burglars still inside the house.

Two other suspects escaped, but Ford was shot multiple times and died on scene.

"I wish he would have just held my son down until the police came. Let Brandon do some jail time. Let Brandon learn his lesson. But now he can't because he's gone. He's gone," Evans said.

On Wednesday, Black returned home to collect some of his belongings. While inside, someone pulled in front of his home and shot up his car. Police believe the suspects were the same two men who were with Ford during the burglary.

Ford was laid to rest in Sutherland Park Cemetery. For now at least, the site was marked only by the dried clay that covered his remains. And a mother's grief was now tinged with guilt about the events of the day.

"We had several calls from Brandon that day. And I think I would have picked up the phone like I usually do. I would have said, ‘Brandon where are you?’ To me, Brandon was calling for help. I could have saved my child. He would have been arrested because he broke into that house. But I would have saved my son from having died," Evans said.

Homicide investigators were continuing their search for the other two suspects. Police will meet with prosecutors next week.

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