Mourdock campaign demands Democrats pull 'sleazy' ads

Democrats using Mourdock's own words from debate

INDIANAPOLIS - Democrats are stepping up their attacks on Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock after his controversial remarks Tuesday night about rape and abortion.

The Mourdock campaign is calling on Democrats to pull a TV commercial attacking him on the subject.

But it's more likely that Democrats will produce even more ads on the topic.

The anti-Mourdock ads hit the airwaves barely 48 hours after he created the firestorm with his debate comments on abortion and rape, and that firestorm is likely to keep burning from now until the election in just 11 days.

The commercial is sponsored by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and uses Mourdock's own words from the Tuesday night debate.

Mourdock: "Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen."

Narrator: "God intended that a woman be raped and become pregnant? Even Mitt Romney and Mike Pence believe Richard Mourdock goes too far."

The Mourdock campaign said the ad is typical sleazy politics at its worst, politicizes a sensitive issue and overstates the issue terribly.

But some argue it's sleazy that Mourdock actually made the comments in question.

"Well, first of all, it overstates it," said Mourdock Deputy Campaign Manager Brose McVey. "If you really look at the ad and the voice-over and all this stuff, it's very close to just a scandalous attempt to claim that he's condoning rape. And it's awful. It's just really distasteful."

Mourdock aides said if Donnelly is really a man of principle, he'll ask the group to take the ad down.

And they assume that other ads from other anti-Mourdock super PACs are on the way.

But the Donnelly campaign said it can't do anything.

A statement by spokesperson Elizabeth Shappell said, "Joe's campaign cannot legally have anything to do with the independent expenditure group producing that ad."

RTV6 Political Insiders from both ends of the spectrum said the ad is not out of bounds.

"Anything a candidate says in a public forum with lights and cameras and TVs on is fair game,” said Abdul-Hakim Shabazz. "I mean, if the Democrats had, if the roles were reversed and Joe Donnelly had made a remark like that, my Republican friends would be all over Joe Donnelly. My Republican friends can't get mad when one of their own does it. It's just that simple."

"All it does is use Richard Mourdock's words," said Kip Tew. "And I think that's perfectly legitimate. In fact, that's why we have campaigns in America, so that people that have differences, the voters get to make that choice."

In a related development, a high-ranking aide to Mitt Romney said the presidential candidate will not ask Mourdock to pull one of his own ads in which Romney endorses him.

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