Muncie man claims $80,000 in cash stolen from safe deposit box

Man says $10,000 bundled had been rewrapped

MUNCIE, Ind. - A man claims $80,000 in cash was stolen from his safe deposit box at a downtown Muncie bank.

Gregg Betras, 58, said the money, in the form of 800 $100 bills, was taken from his box at the Old National Bank branch sometime between November 2010, when he removed $20,000 to buy a truck, and last week, the Star Press reported.

Betras, a retired Marsh employee, said he originally placed $825,000 in $100 bills, wrapped in $10,000 bundles in the deposit box in March 2008 after cashing in investments left to him by his father.

He said he had $770,000 left after his 2010 truck purchase and didn't access the box again until Sept. 19, when he went to remove another $270,000 to buy a home in Tennessee.

But that's when Betras said he discovered only $690,000 in the box.

He said his money had been packed of bundles of $10,000, but an inspection showed that four bundles only contained $9,000 and had been rewrapped.

Betras, who said he battled kidney cancer that is now in remission, told the newspaper he wonders if his illness led someone to believe he wouldn't be around to check on his cash.

Bank branch manager Sherrie D. McCowan told police that it would be impossible for anyone but Betras to access the box because it takes two keys -- one from the customer and one from the bank -- to open any safe deposit box.

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