Needle found in Halloween candy, Mooresville Schools says

Needle found before candy eaten

MOORESVILLE, Ind. - Parents have been put on alert after a needle and a staple were found in Halloween candy in two unrelated incidents.

Mooresville Schools sent out an alert to parents Thursday saying a needle had been discovered inside a student's Kit Kat bar.

Keith and Andrea O'Connor-Clampitt, who provided a picture of the needle, told RTV6 that they discovered the needle before their son ate the candy.

"I felt something sharp when I picked it up and then once I felt that I yelled for my husband," said Andrea O'Connor-Clampitt. "He came and checked it out and he opened it up and broke the candy bar in half then there was a needle sticking outside that candy bar."

There was a hole in the candy's wrapping and the needle had been shoved into the bar, police said.

The boy's mother said she threw away the candy bar and took the wrapper and needle to the Madison Township Fire Station.


"I've been in the fire service for a little over 20 years, going on 23 now, and this is the first time I've had first-hand experience and it's just chilling," said Madison Township firefighter Tim Clifford.

The boy had been trick-or-treating in the Commons area of Heartland Crossing, police said.

Morgan County Sheriff Bob Downey said his office is investigating.

"Every kid on this road goes over there," Downey said. "It could have been anybody's kid, and it's not right."

In Columbus, a 5-year-old boy found a heavy metal staple in an orange Tootsie Roll after trick-or-treating between the 800 and 2000 blocks of Lafayette Avenue and Washington Street on Wednesday night, police said.

The boy discovered the staple while eating the candy. He was not injured.

It appeared the metal, about an inch long, had been pushed into the candy through the wrapper, police said.

Police in both communities urged parents to inspect their children's candy.

In Mooresville, anything suspicious should be reported to the Morgan County Sheriff's Department at 765-342-5544 or the Mooresville Police Department at 317-831-3434.

In Columbus, parents were urged to call police at 812-376-2600 with concerns.

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