Adult store possibly changing course after planning new location near Chuck E. Cheese's in Castleton

INDIANAPOLIS – Hustler Hollywood has removed a "coming soon to Indianapolis" message from its website and the city has reclassified the business not as a general retail store, but as an adult entertainment service. That means under zoning laws, it can't go where it was planned: Next to a Chuck E. Cheese's in Castleton.

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This has been an update to our original story, below.


People in one northeast side neighborhood are voicing their concerns after learning that a new adult store will be opening next to a popular place for kids.

Chuck E. Cheese’s is known for being a place where a ‘kid can be a kid’ – Which is why some parents are upset after learning that a Hustler Hollywood store is going to be opening right next door.

“It makes me angry, it makes me very angry,” said Jonathan Eriksen, Director of the Greater Allisonville Community Council. “This is not the kind of business we want added to the list of new residents in the area.”

On the Hustler Hollywood website, the announcement is clear, visitors are being asked to ‘stay tuned for the sexy details’ surrounding the opening of an 82nd Street store.

City-County Councillor Christine Scales wrote a letter to residents last week, alerting them to the new business coming in. She says she’s prepared to fight it even though legally the store is not violating any codes.

“Technically they’re going to meet the codes to put their business here, but at what point does a community have a voice in saying: ‘No, we live here, we shop here, we work here, we invest here and we don’t want this here.’”

Scales says she is working with constituents to contact the property owners and see if they will lease to someone else.

We reached out to LFP incorporated, the company behind the adult store. A company representative said that he needed to reach out to the company’s owner, Larry Flynt, before responding. 

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