Neil Armstrong photos stolen from Purdue fraternity

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Members of a Purdue University fraternity are looking for two thieves after photographs of their most famous brother -- Neil Armstrong -- went missing.

The photos were hanging on a wall in a common area of the Phi Delta Theta house. It is hard not to feel the spirit of Purdue alumnus Neil Armstrong inside the home.

"He was one of our brothers in our house, so I mean when people go to Purdue and they are like, 'oh Phi Delts, that's Neil Armstrong's house,'" Billy Baldwin said.

Baldwin said he was upset when he noticed two photographs missing from the wall earlier this week.

Surveillance video shows two men who didn't leave the house when they were supposed to. Instead they started snooping around and first checked the trophy case.

"They came down from the stairs and they started looking around and they walked over here and they were looking to see if they could get into the keys and they couldn't do that," Baldwin said.

Then one of the men noticed two Armstrong photographs in a dark corner of the room -- one of the photos was signed.

The thief took one off the wall, then directed his accomplice to do the same before they walked out the door.

Most of the historically significant pieces in the house are bolted to the wall, but the Armstrong photos were not.

"I get people, it's college and people like to steal stuff and they think it’s funny, but if it's something that important to the house, it's different. You just crossed a whole other line," Baldwin said.

Fraternity officials said this was not the first time someone has stolen one of their Armstrong photos. The last time it happened, the FBI helped them track the missing photo to the East Coast where it was recovered.

Anyone with information about the photos should call the West Lafayette Police Department at 765 775-5200.

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