New Castle woman's account of helping homeless person goes viral

A New Castle woman's Facebook Live video of her account of helping a homeless person outside a grocery store has been seen by millions in just 24 hours.

Tammy Lyons Wilkinson, of New Castle, Indiana, posted the video Wednesday afternoon after she went to the grocery store and gave a person she believed to be homeless some food from the store. She says it was her first live video on Facebook ever. 

She gave her emotional account of the events in the video, saying that God spoke to her to get the man bananas and a few other items, but specifically said she heard a voice tell her not to buy fried chicken, despite her desire to do so.

When she exited the store, she gave the food to the man and said "Merry Christmas." Another woman came out just behind her and also helped the man, by giving him fried chicken. 

Wilkinson's goodwill has been viewed by more than 2.5 million people, been commented on 20,000+ times and shared on Facebook more than 80,000 times.

It's a little holiday spirit that we can all celebrate. 

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