New Indiana auto plate marks state bicentennial

New plate marks state bicentennial



Indiana's new standard auto license plate will celebrate the state's upcoming bicentennial.

The new plate design unveiled Thursday has a blue image of the state's shape with 200 written across it and encircled by 19 stars symbolizing Indiana as the 19th state.

Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman and former Congressman Lee Hamilton announced the new design as co-chairmen of the Indiana Bicentennial Commission.

It is organizing activities to mark the 200th anniversary of Indiana's 1816 statehood.

The new license plate is expected to be available in late December and will help draw attention to the bicentennial.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles replaces the standard plate on a five-year cycle, and the current standard auto tag was introduced in 2008. The agency said about 2 million vehicles carry the standard plate.

“The state’s Bicentennial is in four years, and what better way to market the celebration than on vehicle bumpers?” Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman said. “We know Hoosiers are proud of their heritage, and we’re excited for them to showcase their pride as they travel around our state and country.”

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