New investments at Eli Lilly to help meet growing insulin demands

INDIANAPOLIS - As the prevalence of diabetes increases, Eli Lilly and Company is making strides to improve the availability of care to patients.

Lilly is increasing its insulin manufacturing capacity and adding two new insulin-cartridge-filling lines to the Indianapolis facility. Those cartridges can be used in insulin pens, which are growing in popularity.

Operations manager for filling, Lyle Fait, said the filling lines will pump 600 cartridge units a minute.

"With diabetes worldwide becoming almost epidemic in terms of the magnitude, this is the supply and demand that we are trying to meet in terms of keeping the global market supplied," Fait said.

Lilly is a global leader in the treatment of diabetes. The company introduced insulin as a treatment in 1923.

Officials said $400 million was being poured into the facilities, which will further Lilly’s pursuit of offering a full range of innovative options to diabetics.

National diabetes statistics show nearly 25.8 million people in the United States have diabetes. As many of seven million of those people are undiagnosed.

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