New leader takes leash at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, vows to 'move forward'

Dan Shackle, an Iraq vet, will lead organization

INDIANAPOLIS - A new leader has been assigned to deal with the challenges at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control.

The new leader, Dan Shackle, is a veteran who earned a bronze star for leading a convoy under fire in Iraq.

Shackle acknowledged he has no experience overseeing an animal shelter, but he's confident he's prepared to handle any challenges that may arise.

"I was in the military. I took over unit that had a lot of problems. I was able to successfully bring it around and make it successful. I hope to do the same thing here," Shackle said.

Shackle replaces Amber Myers, who left after becoming engaged to the city's former public safety director Frank Straub.

Under Myers' tenure, there were improvements in handling the city's animal overpopulation and reducing the euthanasia rate.

A corps of volunteers has high expectations, hoping stability and sound policies provide the best possible outcome for the animals. 

"I think that my expectations would be that he become involved, definitely come out and see what's going on, as opposed to just being in the office, and interact with us," one volunteer said.  

The new administrator is fully aware of the facility's present and past successes and failures.

"I am aware and it's certainly our goal not to regress but to move forward," he said.

Shackle is hoping to increase the number of adoptions.        

One possible plan is to take animals to different venues around Marion County to increase the awareness that cats and dogs are available for loving homes.

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