New synthetic drug makes its way to Midwest

Officials warn about using '2C'

INDIANAPOLIS - Spice, K2 and bath salts have been on the radar for quite some time, but the director of the Indiana Poison Control Center said he's making his staff aware of the newest designer drug making rounds.

"It has been a growing trend. One of the problems with synthetic drugs like this is that the people who are trying to abuse the drug are usually a couple steps ahead of enforcement actions," said Dr. James Mowry.

Police say the latest synthetic drug gaining in popularity among teens is called 2C or Smiles.

"They're like, 'Oh yeah, I tried this new thing and it makes me feel like this.' I have a lot of friends at school actually that do drugs," said Breyana Wilson.

Drug Free Marion County advocates said 2C is intended to be difficult to spot for those not in the know.

"Many of them are manufactured and packaged to look like something else or they're blatantly labeled as something else. It's very important to let parents try to keep up with these trends and let them know what to look for," said Drug Free Marion County Communications Specialist Julie Saetre.

Experts said 2C got the nickname "smiles" because its side effects mimic those of LSD and ecstasy, so called "party drugs."

"Now there are so many drugs coming down the line and the case of synthetic drugs, a lot times nobody knows exactly, so it's almost  like playing Russian Roulette with some of these drugs," said Saetre.

New Indiana laws take them off convenience stores' shelves. Still, experts said these unregulated synthetic drugs pose a real problem with new versions popping up.

"So you really have no idea what you're getting into anytime you use these, so it's extremely dangerous," said said  Mowry.

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