Newly merged Muncie Central plays first varsity football game

MUNCIE, Ind. - History was made in Muncie on Friday night when the newly merged Muncie Central High School played its first varsity football game.

The merger with Muncie Southside High School had been hotly debated for months. Although it was the first varsity football game, bands from the two schools already merged together and went on to win the Indiana State Fair Band Day title earlier in August.

The band’s success was music to the ears of Muncie Central Principal Tom Jarvis. Jarvis led the merger process that started last November.

"It's been a long journey, but exciting. Like I said, the kids have been great, we haven't had any problems," Jarvis said.

Jarvis said the students came up with a couple slogans to help with the process, including "One Muncie" and "It’s Our Time."

Junior Taryn Williams had concerns about what might happen, but she said the merger was proving to be positive.

"It's been good, I thought it was going to be bad at first with all the kids and thought there would be fights and stuff, but it's actually pretty good. We're all getting along, being friends -- it's pretty fun," Williams said.

Only time will tell if the merger means more wins on the gridiron, but Jarvis said overall, athletics will be much stronger.

"Southside had some strengths in some sports that we weren't very strong in, and we have a lot of strengths here Southside didn't have and put those two together and hopefully they'll embrace that," Jarvis said.

Winning on the field will be important for Muncie Central this year, but the merger already appears to be a win for everybody involved.

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