Ofc. Moore's father: Support will give strength to Ofc. Renn's family

INDIANAPOLIS - Hundreds of law enforcement officers will arrive in Indianapolis from all over the country to attend Officer Perry Renn’s funeral procession on Friday.

Hundreds of citizens who didn’t know Officer Renn will line the procession route to show their respect and support for the fallen officer’s family.

Retired Lt. Spencer Moore knows firsthand just how much that show of support will mean to the grieving family.

"It was important to me as a police officer, but it became even more important to me as a father," Moore said.

Moore has attended about 30 police officer funerals in his career -- including the funeral of his own son. Thousands gathered from across the country to honor Officer David Moore in 2011.

"It gives you a warm feeling inside," Moore said. "They didn't know the hero, but they appreciate, respect and admire what they did. And they want the family to know that."

In 2013 the local community once again wrapped its arms around the grieving family of a fallen police officer -- Rod Bradway.

"One thing that always got me choked up was ...  to see just hundreds of children. Schools would be closed.  And just citizens coming out of their homes, waving American flags is just one of the most touching things," Sgt. Steve Staletovich said.

Moore knows what Renn's family is going through right now.

"This is a very unique 'club' if you want to call it that, that we belong to and it's not one that you ever want to pay the dues for," Moore said.

He knows how much the community support will give them strength and pride in their darkest hour.

"I don't think there's a value you can put to it. Because they're going to be overwhelmed by the outpouring," Moore said.

In fact, Moore -- who now works with the program COPS or Concerns of Police Survivors -- said processions are so touching that it was a funeral procession David attended with his mother, Sgt. Joanne Moore, that led their son into law enforcement.

"Joanne tells the story that when David went to view a procession with her for Teresa Hawkins, a police woman who was killed in the line of duty here in Indianapolis, she's convinced that this is the date and time that he decided he wanted truly to be a police officer because of that impression that it made on him seeing the respect and the honor," Moore said.

While that strong community support will get the Renn family through the next couple of days, Moore said it's important that they have that support in the coming months as well.

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