Officers, community come together for prayer vigil

INDIANAPOLIS - An entire community came together for a prayer vigil at the Fraternal Order of Police headquarters Wednesday night.

Public servants and members of the community shared a moment to remember fallen Officer Perry Renn.

Leaders of the FOP said the support of the community was needed now more than ever as many officers were feeling angry and hopeless.

"My hope is, and pastor my prayer tonight is, that Officer Renn’s sacrifice means something and is a catalyst for significant  change in our community," said FOP Vice President Rick Snyder. "These are men and women who have vowed to lay down their lives for their fellow citizens and time and time again they feel that those citizens aren't willing to stand with them."

Renn, a 22-year veteran, was the latest IMPD officer killed in the line of duty. Officer Rod Bradway was killed in September. Bradway’s widow, Jamie, attended the prayer vigil less than a year after a similar vigil was held for her husband.

"Any officer that goes out on the streets, you just pray every night, our kids pray for the daddies that everybody is safe. Knowing somebody is going through that pain is heartbreaking," said Kelly Sheler, the wife of an IMPD officer.

Pastor Christopher Holland told the crowd that police need their help.

"They're doing the best they can to hold this line, but there's got to be support on the other side that helps push back with them when evil steps over the bound as well," Holland said.

Dozens of people also gathered in Hendricks County on Wednesday night to pray for Officer Renn and the two other Indiana officers who were killed in the line of duty.

The vigil was organized by a group called the Indiana Police Wives Ministry. It is a faith-based organization that was started several months ago.

The organization is led by the wife of a Hendricks County sheriff’s deputy. Many of the people who attended the vigil have close connections to the law enforcement community.

"We just felt like in the midst of all the evil and all the crime we need the Lord so we decided to hold this emergency candlelight vigil tonight to honor those officers but also pray for the criminals and all the people that are involved because everybody needs the Lord right now, it's getting really bad," Juli Petree said.

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