Officials: No calls lost when Indy 911 went down

INDIANAPOLIS - Officials said they don't think any calls were lost when the phone lines were interrupted at the city's main 911 call center on Thursday morning.

UPDATE: The call center started taking calls once again around 5 p.m., officials said. The back-up facility was still in use just in case of anymore unexpected issues. AT&T officials said the problem stemmed from an equipment failure in Crown Point.

Just before 11 a.m., there was a technical interruption between AT&T and the 911 call center, and a back-up plan went into effect immediately.

The incoming calls were routed to Lawrence, and Marion County deputies took Indy's 911 employees in squad cars to the city's back-up 911 call center location in Perry Township.

Officials said everything at the back-up location was ready to go and dispatchers could start taking calls immediately, because they'd just completed routine training at the location on Wednesday.

AT&T was still working to determine the cause of the technical issue. Offic

Hendricks County officials were put on alert because they have extra personnel to aid Marion County, though no backup from Hendricks County was requested.

Officials said there was no interruption in communication between radio traffic operators and officers who were out on the streets.

Indianapolis has the third highest volume of 911 calls in the Midwest, behind Chicago and Detroit.

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