Organization encourages women to get involved in political process

Posted: 2:58 PM, Feb 08, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-08 18:48:23-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- More than 1,500 women and men gathered at St. Lukes United Methodist Church Tuesday night for the inaugural Women 4 Change Summit, an event encouraging women to get involved in the political process.

Women 4 Change’s mission is to engage, empower and envision – with the hope of inspiring women to run for office.

“For some of these women and myself included, this is the first time I have been active in politics and so many of the pieces we are doing are just broad education,” said Jennifer Williams, who attended the event. “How the government works. How do bills affect us.”

The Women 4 Change movement is bipartisan, although the group was formed in response to November’s presidential election.

Ericka Sanders, another attendee, said she came to the event for several reasons.

“I am here to learn about what I can do,” said Sanders. “I am here to ask questions. I am here to give answers. I guess it is kind of cliché but to be a part of the change.”

Sanders said she purposely did not go to the women’s march held in mid-January because she believed it didn’t represent her, but she attended Women 4 Change because she wanted her voice to be heard.