'Overwhelming' response to sale of shirts honoring Officer Renn

INDIANAPOLIS - The Fraternal Order of Police said the worldwide response to the sale of T-shirts honoring fallen Officer Perry Renn has been overwhelming.

The response has been unlike anything the FOP has ever seen. In its decades of fallen officer tributes, nothing has quite struck a chord like the T-shirts honoring Renn that read "I will always get out of my car."

In just the first two days of sales, the FOP has sold more than 2,500 of the T-shirts in person at their Shelby Street headquarters -- mostly to citizens, not police officers. They have made more than $60,500 in the first two days, including $23,000 in online sales.

At times there have been lines out the door and FOP leaders said they have not been able to find enough envelops to ship all of the online orders. Orders have come in from as far away as Canada and France.

The message has resonated with a community fed up with senseless violence.

"I just think that all added up to, 'You know what, we're sick and tired of being afraid. We're sick and tired of being sick and tired of crime.' And I think it just sent people over the edge in a good way to say, 'We've had enough,'" FOP President Sgt. Bill Owensby said.

The show of support for officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has gone beyond the T-shirt sales. National support was also showing up on the Internet.

The Sarasota Police Department made a video to show their support for IMPD. Additional videos were being made by other departments across the country too.

It has been a huge morale boost to IMPD officers and the family of Officer Renn.

At the FOP headquarters Thursday, Renn’s widow and parents said they were deeply touched by the outpouring of community support.

"His father is just so proud and he's so appreciative of what's going on here. And this will keep his son's memory alive for a long, long time," said Danny Lee, president of the Retired Police Officers Association Indianapolis.

The FOP was in the process of picking a date for everyone who has purchased a shirt to wear it on the same day.

The T-shirts sell for $15 each. They are on sale from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays at the FOP headquarters. Proceeds go to the Indianapolis Police Foundation which helps the spouses and children of fallen officers.

Click here to purchase a shirt online.

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