Parents forced to find new schools for children amid cheating scandal

INDIANAPOLIS - Parents were were forced to find new schools for their children after finding out an Indianapolis charter school will close.

Flanner House Elementary School is accused of widespread cheating on ISTEP and will close next month, Mayor Greg Ballard announced Thursday.

School officials met with parents Friday, one day after announcing that the school with nearly 200 students will close Sept. 11.

During the meeting, the school board president said she was looking for a legal way to keep the school open after the board voted to close it Wednesday.

The school’s Board of Directors has refused to publicly discuss allegations of teachers helping students cheat on the ISTEP standardized test over the last two years.

State investigators found an unexplainable and extraordinary increase in test scores. Education officials said pressure on schools to perform well on ISTEP likely led to the cheating.

"It concerns me the pressure the teachers must have been under to feel that they had to do something like this. It's tragic all the way around," said Teresa Meredith, president of the Indiana State Teachers Association.

When classes were dismissed on Friday, signs of support lined the front of the school.

One school board member said that they voted to close the school because there was no faith in the administration to fix the problem.

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