Patients' private billing info might have been compromised after manager's laptop stolen

Apria Healthcare has sent letter to all affected

INDIANAPOLIS - Thousands of patients have received letters from Apria Healthcare informing them that their personal information might have been compromised.

Lisa Getson, Apria's Executive VP of Government Relations and Corporate Compliance, said a manager's laptop was stolen out of a locked car back in June.

Getson said the manager, who was responsible for billing, had billing information for thousands of patients on the computer.

The laptop was password protected, but not encrypted, Getson said.

Getson said when the company found out about the theft, they hired a digital forensic team, which determined there had been a security breach on the computer's hard drive.

Apria has been mailing letters to all patients whose information was on the stolen laptop, and the company is offering those people a free year of credit monitoring, Getson said.

Getson told RTV6 the company is currently implementing encryption for all 3,000 laptops in use by Apria, and every employee has been given a cable to lock their computers.

Getson said Apria has no reason to think personal information has been compromised, because even the digital forensic team encountered difficulty when trying to access the data.

Apria provides home medical equipment, oxygen and respiratory therapy. 

Getson said letters were mailed to all of the affected patients last week.

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