PD: Baby shaken, seriously injured by father

INDIANAPOLIS - A 20-year-old Hancock County father is facing charges after he told investigators he shook his 3-month-old baby when he lost his temper.

William McDonald, 20, of Shirley, Indiana, appeared in court Friday where he was charged with neglect of a dependent and battery.

McDonald told investigators he lost control of his emotions when the baby wouldn't stop crying, so he shook the baby.

The baby was admitted to Riley Hospital for Children on Wednesday with serious injuries, officials said.

Police said the abuse happened four days before the baby was taken to Riley. The parents decided to get doctors involved after days of the boy throwing up, looking pale and acting sluggish.

"It was mostly internal head injuries and we're talking subdural hematomas, which is where the brain is actually separated from the skull which causes internal bleeding and pressure on the brain," said Capt. Jeff Rasche with the Hancock County Sheriff's Department.

Police said the injuries "were not the result of routine care or handling and were consistent with a deliberate act with no previous trauma."

Detectives said the baby is making strides toward recovery at Riley.

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